Road Warrior – My life on US 52

I have been commuting from my home in south Minneapolis for more than three years now — 79.9 miles from driveway to parking lot. This amounts to three hours a day on the road, which adds up to 15 hours a week. Many days are so monotonous I lose track of whether I’m going to or coming from work, and I swear I catch a glimpse of my little blue Toyota Corolla heading in the opposite direction.

Through the years, I found myself attracted to certain landmarks on the drive, landmarks that I usually zoom by at 72 miles per hour. For this project, I did something I have never bothered to do before — I stopped. I stopped, stepped out of my car and gained a brand new perspective on these landmarks. It was refreshing and strangely cathartic to take some time in each of these places and really experience them.

U.S. 52 had always been a means to an end — literally a method of getting from point A to point B. This project reminded me of the importance to take time out every now and then from the hustle and bustle of life. As I move on from my time at the Post-Bulletin, I will be doing this more often, as I hope to experience life at a few miles per hour and to use public transportation whenever I get the chance.

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