Oskar’s Third Birthday Party

This is my chance to show off my cake making abilities. I love baking, and while I don’t have a ton of cake decorating skills or experience, I find it fun to do something challenging once a year for Oskar’s birthday. His dragon cake was actually pretty easy. I found the idea on the internet on a couple of different sites and the directions were easy to follow. Oskar loved the cake, which made it all worthwhile. This was the first year he was really excited about his birthday and seemed to have a really good understanding of what it was all about.

If you’re a busy parent planning a birthday party and do not want to be bothered with the photography — just let me know. I would love to photograph some birthday parties! They’re such fun events, filled with great moments and emotion, even the sad ones that lead to tears. For Oskar, it was when his helium ballon broke loose and floated up to the sky. It certainly made for a dramatic reaction. Hopefully he doesn’t resent his photographer mother for capturing it with her camera!