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Oskar came downstairs today with a new stylish look — underwear on his head. Maybe it’s another sign that I need to start working on potty training this kid. Had a hard time editing these pics . . . and finally gave in and thought I’d make them their own post. A nice series of […]

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Every day at home with a toddler is a bit of an adventure. Like anything, there’s good and bad  involved. These pictures represent some of the good! Aside from cartoons, Oskar doesn’t slow down for much of anything. From showcasing his fleet of vehicles on the coffee table, wearing his mom’s old lady swimsuit, enjoying […]

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Gym Shoes

 Heading to the YWCA – Oskar carries my gym shoes.  Home = cartoons!  A chance to put my feet up . . . or help build a castle.  Lego time  A bad substitution for roller skates?  Serious reading  Play-doh!

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Sleepy Time

It’s interesting how dynamic toddler sleep can be. Sometimes Oskar will go down for naps without a problem – for weeks on end. Then suddenly, nope, no naps! It’s been like that lately with bed time. We had a solid week of a toddler who seemed to be an insomniac. Thankfully he’s been much more willing […]

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I’m not one for photographing myself, but when you’re alone with a toddler all day and decide to make him the focus of your camera, you’re bound to get in some photos. I’m trying to shoot the Oskar Project in natural light, which is proving to be challenging inside. I’ve decided to forgive myself for […]

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The Oskar Project

I am a photographer in need of a project. While working at the newspaper, I would get a number of assignments each day. Mind you, many of these assignments were a bit boring and repetitive, but they kept me on my toes. I’m a bit worried about not staying sharp, so I’m looking to work on […]

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