Adorable Babes

I spent this past weekend at my friend Clara’s grandmother’s cabin on Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota. Clara is the ring leader of our book club, which meets once a month at her home to discuss serious literature and drink wine and then drink a little more wine. Clara and book club members have made a tradition of going to the cabin the weekend after Labor Day for a few years now, and this was the first time I was able to make the trip. The only guys on the trip were under one — Casey’s seven-month-old son Bergen and Clara’s newly minted six-week-old Cormac. The weekend get-away proved to be a little baby photography workshop for me. When I wasn’t shooting some fun photos of book club girls in their swimsuits sipping wine, I was able to get some beautiful shots of these two little guys. It served as a reminder of just how fast these little guys grow up!












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